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Rating: 4.5 stars – A MUST READ!

So I am the queen of downloading samples on my Kindle. My litmus test on whether or not I buy a book is whether or not the sample hooks me. Now normally I will read a sample, decide whether I like it or not and then if I like it, add it to my Wish List to purchase later. On the rare occasion, I cannot wait and want to start reading the book immediately. This book was one of those occasions…

The Prologue…holy hell did that prologue capture your attention. This was the first thing I instantly love about this book and author…she cut all the BS and got right into the meaty part of the story. You are introduced to the narrator, Alexis (Lexi, Lex), who tells us via diary entry about the love her life that she was lucky enough to have found at a young age. At 18, she’s blissfully happy. Instead of spending chapter upon chapter detailing her relationship with Landyn (Lan), we were told and knew it was perfect. And then the mistake happened… And this was all in the prologue!!!

Mind you, the mistake was predictable. Even as the narrator was leading up to it, I knew it was coming. But that’s okay. I don’t think the author wanted it to be a surprise, that’s why it was in the freaking prologue! Okay I digress…

Jump forward six years and you see that Lexi is still dealing with the consequences and fallout of that mistake. First, I loved Lexi as a character. She was feisty and sassy and honest. One of my biggest pet peeves about main characters in books, especially females, is that most of the time the author makes them overly insecure and afraid to express their feelings. It drives me insane even though I know it makes a good book. What Lynda LeeAnne did was cut the BS and made these characters have real, honest conversations without spending chapters of them mulling over whether they should say anything or not.

Now let’s talk about Lan. Oh Lan. You redeemed yourself although sometimes I wanted to smack you right upside your head! This guy was the real deal. I really loved everything about this character, especially the way he did not care about expressing himself in front of everyone. The one thing I wish Miss LeeAnne did was explain why Lan did what he did during the six years in between the Prologue and present time. Why did he make those choices and not follow his original plan? I know the mistake affected him as well but I would’ve liked to learn why exactly.

And finally, Trish. I want a BFF like Trish. One that will stay by your side no matter what. I didn’t know what “I have your back” really meant until after I read this book. Trish and Lexi’s friendship is one that I think most women (and maybe even some men) envy. I love her and am looking forward to learning more about her story in the next book.

4.5 stars. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I didn’t want to set myself to be disappointed by other books to come. I devoured this book and finished it in about 4 hours cause I could not put it down.

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