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Rating: 3.5 stars – GREAT READ!

Once again the prologue captured my attention. When we found out there was a death at the beginning of the book, it made me cringe each time I saw that person’s name in the book. Especially when I fell in love with him more and more as the book progressed. Sorry let’s start from the beginning…

We are introduced to Gracie and Kate, cousins who are now orphans, living and working together in a small town in Colorado. Then we are introduced to their new neighbors…three hot men – Garrett, Miles and Michael Anderson. Swoon! What I loved about J.M. Hill’s writing was that you felt the connection between the characters instantly, as if we were in the room with them as they met one another.

I think as readers we all knew Michael and Gracie had a connection, even though neither of them were willing to admit to it for a while (an agonizingly long while I may add). One of the biggest problems I think I had with this book was that there was all this build up and since the story was from Gracie’s POV you really never saw Michael’s feeling for her returned. You knew he felt something and there was chemistry but you never saw it.

At one point you were wondering what his problem. Then when you found out why he was holding back, you were like “um okay get over it buddy.” Then all of a sudden he was professing love to Gracie. I just wished their love story flowed a little bit better instead of feeling like someone learning to drive stick shift for the first time – stop, go, stop, go.

HOWEVER, do not be fooled, I really did enjoy this book. I loved the mystery that hung over the characters the latter part of the book. I loved the interaction between all five of the main characters. In addition, I think I read this on another review of this book, but this book didn’t need any sex or intimacy to make it better. To me, that is a sign of a great writer – if you can create the feeling of love and intimacy without getting into sex scenes. In a world of post-50 Shades, it was almost a refreshing breathe of fresh air to read a sex-free book.

And I am excited about the next book that is coming out telling Garrett’s story. Overall, a really great easy read.