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Always You

Rating: 4 stars – A MUST READ

As a result of becoming a fan of Kirsty Moseley, when I saw she released another book, I instantly bought it. This book, similarly to “The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window”, deals with teenagers finding love in someone who has been around them their whole life. Even though I am an adult, I’m not going to lie, I LOVE reading these type of books. It makes me reminisce about high school and the innocence of that time of your life.

From the minute Riley jumped into Clay’s arms on the first day of school, I loved them instantly and understood why everyone would think they were together. They give each other hickeys, jump on each other’s back and sleep over each other’s houses. Hello? Riley how could you be so blind?!? But this is what makes a good story and I understand that. I’m not going to lie there were many, many times where I was frustrated with both Riley and Clay and their lack of communication and constant jumping to conclusions. However, since they are in high school, I can only imagine the feeling of rejection and confusion of falling for your best friend.

And then there was Blake. At first, he excited me and I wanted Riley to date him. But then things turned…annoying? odd? uncomfortable? with him and I knew there was something bad brewing with him. Without giving anything away, I will say that I like how Blake’s story weaved into Riley and Clay’s. I had no idea the extent Blake was going to take his fascination/obsession with Riley and it was a paper turner.

The only thing I found slightly unbelievable about this book was the aftermath of the Vegas trip. At ages 17 and 18, I found it a little unrealistic, but it did make for one hell of a storyline!!! However, those events did set us up for the ending of the book, which leads me to one of my favorite parts of this book: the bitch slap Riley gave Mrs. Preston and how she stood up to her. Wow!

In my eyes, Kirsty Moseley does no wrong and I am anxious to see what she writes next! Bring on the teenage angst!