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I went through a whole bunch of emotions while reading this book and as a result my feelings about the book changed as I continued to read it. After finishing the whole book though, I have come to the conclusion that I did like it. This book was definitely unpredictable which is refreshing after reading book after book where you can expect what is going to happen. But, let me start from the beginning.

When we first meet Emmy and her affair with her boss, Kyle Sterling, begins, you are rooting for them! You can tell that Kyle really does care about Emmy and wants to be with her – but he has a girlfriend who he refuses to leave (and as a reader you have no idea why). The frustrating thing about their relationship was that I kept asking myself why Kyle doesn’t just ditch Jessyca if he is in love with Emmy. Emmy calms him and makes him stop being the dick that he really is. But he just kept Emmy as a side piece, which was frustrating especially when you were rooting for them.

Then we meet Luke. I really didn’t know how to feel about Luke. At first (since the book was from Emmy’s perspective), I wasn’t really into him. It seemed that Emmy cared for him, but I always felt that Emmy really loved Kyle and was just with Luke because she couldn’t have Kyle. I don’t know if this was true but that was my interpretation of their relationship. I’ll be honest this is where I started to not like the book – because I started not liking Emmy. She was kind of being a skank – judgmental I know – but she was continuing her affair with Kyle, while still professing to be in love with Luke. It did not show her in the best light.

About 2/3s into the book, I wanted Kyle to wake up and smell the roses. However, the book took an entirely different direction! When I found out who Kyle really was and what happened on their last night together, I was shocked. I asked myself “was I even reading the same book? How did I miss that?” And this is what made this book good. After thinking about it, I realized that this book was told from Emmy’s perspective. And quite frankly, wow was her perspective screwed up. It made me feel bad for her and like her now that I knew what really happened.

The ending was definitely redeeming and now when I look back at the book as a whole I really did enjoy it and I loved the message it sent. I’ve rarely read a book that handle this type of situation in the way that it did and I think L.D. Davis did it really well.

When reading books with love triangles (or squares), I usually get super disappointed when the main character chooses the other person (and not the one I was rooting for). It makes me like the book less – which I knew is not fair, but I’m being honest. However, this book is the exception. After reading the book as a whole, I realized that Emmy made the right choice. I’m beginning to think that L.D. Davis meant for the story to be like this and all I have to say to that is “Kudos” to you!