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Rating: 4 Stars – A CUTE, FUN READ

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I really didn’t expect much when I started it. I thought it was going to be a typical young adult book and I think I pre-judged it by the cover art and chapter titles. I’m glad I was wrong!

One of my favorite things about these books was the way it was written. I loved how Jillian Dodd wrote the books as if they were diary entries – complete with illustrations! I started reading these books on my Kindle, but when I looked at it on my iPad, I realized how much color there was! I loved it so I finished reading them on my iPad, which I recommend if you have the ability. The colors and drawings really made it feel like I was reading Jadyn’s diary.

It was great to read through about all of her firsts! It really brought me back to when I was young and had me looking back at my own life fondly. I love the dynamic of Danny, Phillip and Jadyn. I love that they really were three best friends, but never really in a love triangle. It was fun to guess who Jadyn would end up with being that she had moments with both of them. I also loved that the author did not drag the process out. We eliminated one of the boys 3/4s into “That Boy”!

“That Boy” tells the tale of Jadyn’s life from 4th grade through the end of college. It covers a lot of time, where “That Wedding” covers a very short time between the end of “That Boy” and her honeymoon with her Prince. I loved Jadyn in “That Boy” because she was fiesty and stubborn and real. However, when it came to her Prince, I got irritated with her frequently. All the qualities I loved about her in the beginning, I started hating about her when it came to her interactions with her Prince. That being said, for the majority of “That Wedding” I didn’t really like her. She was whiny and stubborn and was kind of a spoiled brat.

However, by the time “That Wedding” ended, I loved her again because she changed. She evolved. I love that the author was able to really outline Jadyn’s growth from a young girl, to an independent woman to a married woman. I read somewhere that there is going to be a third book in the series and I am very excited to read it!

On a final note, I will mention how much I LOVED Danny and Phillip and wish that I had two best friends like that. I think after reading these books, every girl wishes she had at least one of them! Also, the visual of the Jadylicious dance at the wedding was priceless! Thank you for that!