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This book was a good, easy read that reminded you that some of the mistakes that you made years ago could still haunt you even years later. The story alternated between present time and back when the two main characters, Lauren and Michael, were in high school. You know that something went down between the two of them, but you don’t really find out what horrible thing Michael did to Lauren until about 3/4s of the book, which was good. It was fun hypothesizing and trying to guess what he did to her that caused them to lose touch.

But, I have mixed emotions about this book and I think you’re going to be surprised by why. I liked Lauren, the main character. I like the premise – high school “friends” reacquaint themselves with one another and try to overcome their past. I liked the way this book was written. My biggest holdback from loving this book was that I didn’t find the mistake that Michael made to be that big of a deal. And this was the big conflict of the book – could Lauren overcome the mistake Michael made back when they were in high school? Because of this, I didn’t find the book to be as relatable as I would have liked. Yes Michael was a grade A d-bag when he took off and never spoke to Lauren again. Yes I understand why Lauren would be so upset by what happened. But, they never dated or were in a real relationship, Michael never made any false promises to her, and years have passed since then! I just didn’t find it to be as horrible as Lauren had it portrayed it to be.

All that being said, the book was still good and I still enjoyed reading it. Just because I didn’t quite believe the conflict was an actual conflict, I was able to put those thoughts aside to just enjoy the book for what it was and how the author wrote it. And she did a really great job. I loved the interactions with Lauren and Erin. I also loved that Michael did not force himself back into Lauren’s life. He understood he made mistakes and that he hurt the only person he ever cared about (before Erin).