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Attention everyone out there who is judgmental and has strict stances on infidelity, age gaps violence and abuse. You will either love or hate this book. I am one of these judgmental people who has strict views on what I feel is right and wrong. I’ll be honest, I even made judgments about this book just from reading the synopsis on Amazon. I kept putting off reading it because why would I be interested in reading a book about rival biker gangs that had a very specific warning to its readers (“[this story is] intense, gritty and raw, dark and disturbing, and it doesn’t happen overnight”). My judgmental flag was flying high, but eventually I decided to give this book a shot. Boy was I wrong and am so glad I read it.

Summary: Eva is the daughter of the head of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club and Deuce is the leader of Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Deuce is 18 years older than Eva and meets her when she is 5. Their feelings for one another developed when she was in her teens and while he was married. Their love story spanned years [beginning when she was 5 and ended when she was in her 30s] and was filled with more hurdles, bumps and detours than anyone could really imagine. Add in a psychotic, crazy pseudo-brother who can’t breathe without her and a childhood acquaintance who does horrible things to her and you have one hell of a book!

Where should I start? Let me address all the reviewers who hated this book. I’ve read a lot of their reviews and I think the biggest reason they hated it was because they could not get past their own personal morals/beliefs to full immerse themselves in this world. Yes, the characters are flawed and this love story is not perfect. But, my response to them is that is what made this book good. I think it takes a brilliant writer to make scenarios that may seem inappropriate/wrong/horrific/[insert bad adjective here] and make the reader want to still root for them and sympathize with their situation. I feel that Ms. Sheehan intended for this book to be against the grain and controversial – hello she put a freaking warning in the synopsis of the book telling you this!

Yes, I found the age difference a little hard to swallow at first. But, that is part of this world that Eva and Deuce live in. So is infidelity. It doesn’t mean it is right, but it is part of their world so dealing with these situations are not so foreign to these characters. It’s not like Deuce didn’t know what he was doing with Eva in the beginning was wrong – he knew he should be feeling those feelings and he tried to avoid them. Hell, he spent 75% (if not more) of the book denying himself happiness because of these feelings. This is what made me root for them even more.

Now let’s address Eva. Did I like her? Not really, but I didn’t hate her either. I couldn’t (and I tried) understand why she made some of the decisions that she did – especially with Frankie and Chase. I feel like she had no morals, self-respect or self-esteem and that did bother me a bit. I want my heroines to be strong and stand up for themselves when they are wronged. But she was the opposite. When someone did something horrible to her, she seemed to keep going back to them. I wish she was a tad more likeable and/or relatable so that I could sympathize with her. I think I would have enjoyed the story that much more.

I found myself unable to put this one down, even though I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to like it. Sure enough, I finished it in a day and I loved it. It was different and enticing. I’m looking forward to the next two books in the series and hope they are just as controversial as this one was. It’s always nice to read something that doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter love story template. Give it a shot, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

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