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Rating: 5 stars – I loved every bit of this book – A MUST READ!

Holy freaking crap this book was AMAZING! It was so good that I have no idea where to start or what I should say other than telling you to go buy this book and read it…LIKE NOW! I enjoyed this book so much that I’m having a hard time putting together sentences to explain why this book was so great, but I know that is why you are reading this so I will try and convince you.

This story is about Sky, a sheltered girl who has been home-schooled her whole life, who meets Holder, the one boy who makes her actually feel something, on the first day of her senior year at public school. They both have less than stellar reputations around school and are plagued by rumors. They find what they’ve been looking for, whether consciously or subconsciously, in each other and they jump through a hell of a lot of hoops to be together. This is a story about forgiving yourself and finding your inner strength to overcome obstacles and making decisions that you never imagined you’d have to face.

It’s a little hard telling you what this book is about without giving away all the twists and turns Ms. Hoover takes you on in the story. I’m not going to sugar coat it though, there are some extremely tough scenes that you have to get through, ones where you cringe when reading it. This book is not a fairy tale, happily ever after book. There is death, heartache and pain in here. But, at the same time, the main characters are such strong, honest and endearing characters that you want to laugh with them, cry with them and give them each a hug. You root for them individually and as a couple. This to me is what made this book so fan-freaking-tastic…I loved the characters despite their flaws!

I find that more and more authors are beginning to take risks and touch on very uncomfortable (for lack of a better word) subject matter in their stories. If this is where literature is heading, then I am on board! All you future writers out there should take note of this book and Ms. Hoover. She took a very delicate subject matter and then expanded on it by throwing in a situation that is morally wrong, but at the same time, seems like it was the right decision. She skated the line between right and wrong and Holder said it best “Sometimes you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones. You just have to choose which wrong choice feels the least wrong.” Best quote ever by the way!

I became a fan of Ms. Hoover after reading Slammed and Point of Retreat. After this book, I’m moving her up on my list of favorite authors! This book was perfect and I would not change a thing. Well maybe one…I would’ve made it longer cause I didn’t want it to end!

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