Rating: 4.5 stars – LOVED THIS BOOK

So I’m on a little theme right now and have been reading what the fiction world is now deeming “New Adult” books. “Bad Rep” was definitely a pleasant surprise for me. I think it’s because I’m so drawn to these “New Adult” books. The characters are old enough to not be extremely immature, but not old enough where they can’t let loose and have fun. College for me was a great time of my life so I think I enjoy reading books that remind me of that.

Summary: Maysie (love this name!) meets Jordan at her new job and they have instant attraction to one another. Then Maysie learns that Jordan is in (and has been for 3 years) a relationship with Maysie’s sorority’s president, Olivia. Jordan and Maysie continue to struggle through their feelings for one another and when something finally happens between the two of them, Maysie’s reputation is tarnished. Can they withstand the gossip?

So here’s what I liked: So this age old conflict – what do you do when you fall for someone who isn’t your girlfriend – never gets old. Is cheating bad? Yes. But does cheating happen? Yes. Does this mean the cheaters are bad people? No. Cheating is such a grey area that I love seeing what different authors do with it. I loved the way Ms. Walters handled this story. You wanted Maysie and Jordan together, but at the same time you understood why they couldn’t be together. My favorite part of this book was when Maysie and Jordan finally confronted their “friends” in the cafeteria and finally realized that it didn’t matter what other people said or thought about them. These two are up there on my favorite fiction couples. I just love them together!

What I didn’t like. Maysie and her running. Maybe it’s because I don’t remember being 20 years old, but I’m tired of the crying and the running and the jumping to conclusions and the avoiding. I know it makes a good story, but man sometimes I wanted to shake her and tell her to wake the f*** up. It just got a little annoying but I was happy when she finally realized she needed to stop.

This book has the makings of one great book: hot guy, cheating scandal, bitchy girls, rumors and gossip. I was sad when the book ended but, felt it was a perfect way to end. Kudos Ms. Walters.

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***SPOILER: For a look at Jordan’s POV go to A. Meredith Walter’s blog > CLICK HERE