coincidence of callie and kayden

Rating: 4.5 stars

I think with all the high ratings I’ve been giving, people are going to start thinking I don’t know how to rate books. But, in my eyes, I’ve just been reading so many fan-freaking-tastic books lately. “The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden” is right up there. I’ve read Ms. Sorensen’s “The Secret of Ella & Micha” (see review) and enjoyed it, but in my opinion, this book was so much better. I think I fell in love with the characters immediately which made me unable to stop reading until I found out what happened to them. But I digress…first things first.

Summary: Before going off to college, Callie and Kayden, who grew up together but never really interacted since they were children, shared a moment, a secret, that no one else knew about – Callie saved Kayden that night, without her even knowing. While at college, they find themselves getting to know one another and their carefully constructed brick walls start crumbling. Despite finding one another, their scars are so deep that they may not be able to survive them to be together. There is a sequel coming out in 2013 so their story does not end with this one.

This is not a lovey-dovey, rainbow and ponies kind of book. This is a book about two people who have deep scars and secrets that no one else seems to know. They chose to deal with their pain and solitude in different ways, but they’ve come to find something about one another that calms them and scares them at the same time. There is some serious bad crap that happens in these books and you cannot help but feel their pain while reading their story.

The book is told from alternating POVs which I enjoyed, since they both have so much going on internally. I really loved the way Ms. Sorensen chose to handle these sensitive subject matters and how by the end of the book, there were still so many more issues between Callie & Kayden. I like how she did not try to tie it up in a pretty little bow, because if this were real life, it wouldn’t be like that. These characters have such deep seated issues and they have yet to share EVERYTHING with one another. I’m rooting for them and am hoping by the title of the next book “The Redemption of Callie & Kayden” they get just that, redemption.

PS How AWESOME is this book cover?!?