The OpportunistDirty Red

Rating: 4 stars

These are unconventional books – the heroines are actually the antagonists – and it makes for some very good reading. I will admit, I bought “The Opportunist” months ago and it took me a while to read it. I think it was because the reviews pretty much told me what I just told you – you may not even like the heroine whose POV is being told. Before I go on I want to point out that you need to read “The Opportunist” before you read “Dirty Red.” Since “Dirty Red” has spoilers about “The Opportunist” I will talk about them separately. So if you haven’t read either book yet, read my review on “The Opportunist” and then STOP there.

Summary (The Opportunist): Olivia has done some questionable things throughout the years of knowing Caleb – the love of her life. We meet Olivia in the present when she sees Caleb 3 years after their break up – she decides to approach him and discovers he has amnesia and does not remember her. Olivia continues her non-honest behavior and starts hanging out with Caleb again without letting him know who she is. The story is told in the present and in the past (where we explore their relationship while in college).

Okay I’m going to be honest and I don’t know what this means about me as a person, but I quite frankly didn’t think what Olivia did (in the past and present) was all that bad. Yes, what she did to Caleb’s girlfriend Jessica was WRONG! But other than that, I don’t think it was appalling behavior. She obviously knew she screwed up by letting Caleb go the first time so who can blame her for wanting a second chance. She never prayed on him – hell he kept coming around himself. I was rooting for them the entire book and knew that they were meant to be together. And then the ending… I hated and loved the ending. Thank god there was a second book!

***STOP if you haven’t read “The Opportunist” yet ***

Summary (Dirty Red): This sequel of sorts was from Leah’s POV. Like “The Opprotunist” it alternates between the present (Leah’s life with Caleb and their new baby) and the past. Leah continually struggles wondering whether her “happy life” is all fake and even though “she won”, her husband still loves someone else more than her. This is a story about a woman you really don’t like, but at the same time feel a little bit sorry for her.

So I did like “The Opportunist” a little bit more than this one, but only because I like Olivia. I despise Leah – I don’t even really feel sorry for her. Even though her family life obviously sucked balls and her father left her in a horrible situation, I still just couldn’t stand her and spent a lot of my time wondering why Caleb even married her. I tried to like her and sometimes I came a little close to it, but I still just could not get there. I know the third book, called “Thief” is from Caleb’s POV and already people are speculating what the title infers…could Caleb steal back Olivia even though she is married?

I have heard some really fantastic things about Ms. Fisher’s writing and have jumped on board that wagon. I love her unconventional stories and characters – it’s amazing how she makes the villians the ones we root for. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the saga!