Rating: 3.5 stars

Don’t let the cover deceive you. This book has a lot of substance and packs a lot of punch. One of the biggest things I enjoyed about this book was that by the end I felt like the entire story was covered. I loved that the author did not break the book up into a series and that a whole lot happened in one book.

Summary: Ember Walsh is used to being a wallflower until she meets Trace Montgomery. He’s a “gorgeous, avenging angel” who keeps popping up in Ember’s boring life, despite living in a city as busy as Manhattan. He doesn’t do relationships and he wears his past on his sleeve (literally!) to keep people from getting to know the real him. The story dives into the relationship of Ember and Trace, along with a few murder mysteries and a stalker or two.

Here is what I loved about this book. I loved that Trace and Ember’s relationship did not blossom overnight – they had months of getting to know one another before they took their relationship to the physical level. I loved that despite being a love story, this book had some really bad situations and Trace had a horrible past. As I mentioned before, I really liked the fact that I got to know what happened at the end of the story without being told “to be continued.” This book was good and it kept me interested.

Here’s why it only got 3.5 stars. The big climatic scenes felt rushed. When we found out who the murderer was, it happened in a matter of 5 pages tops. When the big confrontation with the psycho stalker happened, it happened so quickly. The face-to-face with Lena came and went without a real conversation. These were all great scenes and great plot points – I wish they were expanded on a bit longer. I also had a problem with how fast Ember fell for Trace. She did some things that are fairly permanent that one wouldn’t do when you knew the person you love is hold his past as a secret. Maybe I didn’t have a problem with this, but I just felt it was unrealistic and made me think Ember was being a little naive about the whole situation.

All in all this book is worth reading. I love finding these indie books that no one else I know have read and finding that I really enjoyed it!