Rating: 4 stars

If you haven’t noticed I’m on this kick where I’ve been reading books about “damaged” people. There is something beautiful about watching someone who has demons over come them. This story was recommended to me when I read “The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden” (see review) and the theme is somewhat similar.

Summary: Mason has moved around at least eight different times in a very short amount of time and has coped with it by being a man-whore (his words!). When he first sees Hope, with her pale skin and different color hair, he is drawn to her in a way that he never has been before. Hope has commitment issues and a very dark secret she goes out of her way to hide. As the two of them explore their relationship, these their issues come to surface.

This story was somewhat difficult to read at times because the subject matter was intense. The things Hope would do at times made me cringe and practically beg for someone to help her. It was horrible to read – which made Ms. McIntyre’s drive and talent evident. If this was tough to read I can only imagine how tough it was to write.