Rating: 3.5 stars

After naming “The Perfect Game” as one of my favorite books in 2012 and being a die-hard Yankee fan, I have to say – I love books that incorporate baseball into it. Add a hot baseball player and you have yourself a winner! In all seriousness, this book was a good one that took me by surprise.

Summary: Paige needed a change and leaving Florida, her father and best friend was exactly the change she needed. Paige is drawn to Dylan Turner, star baseball player, man-whore, and her roommate’s brother’s best friend. Dylan and Paige try and deny their feelings for one another only to fail.

This book was a bit similar to “The Perfect Game,” which in my eyes was a fabulous book and cannot be duplicated; however, I found myself still drawn to it. So why the 3.5 star rating? I kept thinking about the story and was drawn to the characters. I genuinely enjoyed reading it and liked where the author took me. I think the only “problem” I had with this book was Dylan. It was a little unrealistic how this self-proclaimed man-whore had all of a sudden changed his tune when he met Paige. I wanted to believe but was left lacking. I think I wanted more back story or understanding of why he was the way he was before he met Paige.

I had read some previous reviews and some people had a hard time with the way Jake, Paige’s best friend, was dealt with. I disagree. I think it was handled fine, especially since it was evident how Paige felt about him. Do I wish there was so finality or closure revolving him and Paige? Yes, but I’m okay that it didn’t happen.

The ending for me was the best part of the book. I loved the surprise and loved how everything worked out (despite the bit of sadness that dotted Paige’s life). This was a really fast, easy read that I really enjoyed and recommend.