Rated: 2.5 stars

I wanted to love this book. I wanted to like this book. I bought it without even bothering with the sample since the premise seemed to be exactly the kind of book I wanted. I just couldn’t get into this one and it pains me to say it. The idea and plots were great and I think Ms. Moore really has something here. I just don’t think it was fully executed in the best possible way.

Here’s what I liked: The salon scene when Kendall’s hair turned grey. LOL funny. The art class where Kendall was a model – seriously hot! Kendall and Cruise – the main characters. I liked them and liked them together.

Here’s what I wish was different. I felt like there were just too many things going on that it was hard as a reader to focus. There was Cruise’s crazy family (including his sister), Lauren’s obsession with catching her boyfriend cheating, a bitchy ex-girlfriend of Cruise who wanted revenge, but at the same time wanted Cruise as well. These were all interesting plot points, but I felt like sometimes they weren’t fully developed or explained, which caused it to become a clusterf**k.

I’ll be honest, I found myself skimming this book more then reading it – waiting for something to change or explained. It never really came and it was a bit disappointing. I hope I am the minority on this one, but this book just wasn’t for me. 😦