Rating: 3.5 stars

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It had romance, drama and a little bit of a thriller-mystery in there. Add that to a very hot surgeon (I immediately think of Derek Shepard from Grey’s) and it proved to be a book that I couldn’t put down.

Summary: Alexia has made some questionable (okay let’s just say horrible) decisions with her life over the last few years. After one horrific morning waking up to the reality of what her life has become, she sheds that party-girl lifestyle. Enter Dr. Pearce Middleton, hot shot surgeon, who wants nothing more than her. After a brutal attack, Alexia finds herself opening herself up to Pearce and their love story begins. However, this isn’t just rainbows and ponies – someone that knows about her past is stalking her and won’t let her live her happily ever after.

I really liked that the lead male, Pearce, was a surgeon. I haven’t read many books where the guy is a hot doctor. I loved it and ate it up! And when we got to “see” him in action…man talk about a HERO. Swoon. I also enjoyed the progression Alexia and Pearce’s relationship. It wasn’t love at first sight where they were engaged after 2 weeks of knowing one another. It took a while, which was fitting because of where Alexia was in her life when she met Pearce. It was believable and I ate every bit up.

My only hold up with this book was that everything felt like it was being tied up in a neat little bow, but without digging deep to explain why the bow looked the way it did. The mystery-thriller aspect of the book was a nice surprise; however, I wish it was explored a little bit more. The ending gave a round-about answer to who was blackmailing/stalking Alexia, but at the same time, it didn’t add up. I still have other questions that remain unanswered. I think this was something that made the book stand out from other romances, and I wish it was developed a little bit more. I hated how Pearce’s family reacted to the blackmail and wasn’t too pleased that Pearce and Alexia accepted their “apology” so soon and without explanation.

I do hope there is another book to tell Terri’s story because I feel like her and Justin’s story was not over and I’m hoping for a happy ending for them. I read this book in a day and really was sucked in.