Rating: 3.5 stars

This was a good one that had a hot rock star, a tattoo artist, a crew of other hot rock stars and tattoo artists and a cute little kid. This book has the same vibe as “Leave Me Breathless” and “Take This Regret” for completely different reasons, which made me enjoy this book that much more, since I really loved those two books.

Summary: Devlin Porter hasn’t seen Seth Taylor, bassist and founder of My Misery Muse, in three years. After countless efforts to get in touch with him after she sent him to LA to follow his dream, she finally came to terms with her life in Dallas without him. However, that all blew up in her face when Seth and the rest of My Misery Muse returned to Dallas to record their next album. Secrets of the past are revealed and old wounds are cut opened again.

So first off I need a BFF like Mags and a brother like Drake. These two supporting characters were so great that I hope they get their own stories told. Their loyalty and honesty to Dev was fantastic. During the times you really got annoyed with Dev for being stubborn, you were so glad one of these two were around to knock some sense into her.

Seth and Devlin. These two have some serious communication problems and are terribly passive-aggressive when it comes to their relationship. But, then again, it made for a good story. These two obviously have love, passion and chemistry and really should be together – someone just needs to tell them that!

This book was fun and it had you rooting for Seth and Dev the entire time. I definitely recommend it!