“Come Away With Me” Book 1

Rating: 4 stars

I think this book is every woman’s fantasy. Meet a hot movie star, fall in love and get swept away. Love it! This book had a little bit of everything – naughty sex, a sassy main character with a pretty awesome job and hot movie star who is uber private. Yes please – all the makings of a great book.

Okay first things first. Let’s talk about Natalie. This girl was freaking amaze-balls. She is sassy and does not take crap from anyone, even a deliciously good looking guy who tries to rob her on the beach. She has a fantastic job that involves taking professional photos of couples in the throes of passion and boudoir photos – how great is that job?!? Add to the fact she has an amazing best friend and extended family and you have a kick ass girl. So now let’s talk about Luke. Holy hot balls. He’s a movie star that starred in a series (a la Twilight) and has withdrawn from the fame and is now producing movies. Their love story was very fairy tale-esque and I was so glad their story continued in Book 2 even though it wasn’t about them.

“Fight With Me” Book 2

Rating: 3 stars

The second book was about Jules, Natalie’s best friend and roommate, and her boss, Nate, who we met in Book 1. I liked it, but I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did Book 1. Let me start with Jules. Jules is different than Natalie and I found myself liking the Jules from Book 1 way more than the Jules in Book 2. I just couldn’t connect with her. First, she’s a runner. If you’ve read any of my reviews you’d know I have no patience for any woman over the age of 21 who runs away from problems and refuses to talk about them. It’s annoying cause in real life most men don’t always continually to follow women when they do that. Second, at times she was strong and independent, but other times she became very dependent on Nate and wouldn’t stick up for herself. It made it hard to understand who she was, especially when I thought, after reading Book 1, that she was a no-nonsense type of gal. It was a little disappointing how scared she was all the time.

Now let’s move on to Nate. I actually think I like Nate more than I liked Luke from Book 1. Luke may be a heartbreakingly handsome movie star, but Nate seems to exude sex and danger – especially with the hot tattoos, long hair, motorcycle and piercing! Yes please. It was obvious how much he’s wanted Jules, but I wish there was an explanation with why he waited 8 months to finally make a move on her. He seems like a go get’em kinda guy and for the life of me I don’t understand why he waited so long. And although I loved how sweet and romantic he was, sometimes he was a bit of a puss and cried…a lot. I don’t know many UFC fighters who cry.

That being said I really do enjoy this series and author. I’m a huge fan of the Montgomery clan and look forward to more stories about them.