Find you in the dark

Rating: 4 stars

This book started off one way and took me down an entirely different path than I had expected. When it began, you met Maggie Young, an average, normal girl living an average, normal life with normal friends and normal parents. Then she runs into – literally – Clayton Reed, the new guy at school that she instantly was intrigued by and attracted to. He was dark and mysterious, but you could tell pretty fast there something that wasn’t quite “normal” about him. I think this is how most romance books start – girl meets boy, boy has issues, girl helps boy overcome issues, etc – so I was beginning to think it was going to get predictable as they started spending more and more time together…and then BAM, Ms. Walters dropped a bomb on us.

Without giving the story away, I will say that Clay’s demons are not anything that I’ve ever read about before. There were times (many many times) when I would cringe during certain parts of the story – they were bad, they were dark, and they were definitely things you don’t want to deal with as a 17 year old girl. Hell I wouldn’t want to deal with that crap!

This story was so well developed, so well written and so raw. This was a pretty daring story to tell and I admire Ms. Walters so much for conquering it. She told a story about something that does affect a lot of people out there and it’s about time people write about things other than young love. It has a similar feeling as “The Breathing Series” by Rebecca Donovan which were some of my favorite books that I read last year.

The ending was like a train wreck that you knew was eventually going to happen but didn’t want to happen. The growth of Maggie because of what happened in the end came about in such a short time and was so moving and believable. I am so glad that Ms. Walters is going to continue Maggie and Clay’s story in “Light in the Shadows.” It is definitely going to go on my list of most anticipated books of 2013.

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The companion novella, about Maggie’s two best friends, Daniel & Rachel, is now out.
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