Rating: 4.5 stars

So let’s not beat around the bush here. I freaking loved this book. I’ve been following Ms. McHugh on Facebook and have been anticipating the release of this book for a while now and boy was I not disappointed. It had the feel of “Thoughtless” (which I adored) but it was so unique at the same time. The book is told in the 3rd person, with an emphasis on Emily and Gavin.

We meet Emily who is moving to New York City to live with her best friend, Olivia, and to be with her boyfriend, Dillion, who’s been there for her through the loss of her mother. The death of her mother made a huge impact on her and she is indebted to Dillion for being her rock. While at her first day of work, Emily meets Gavin Blake, who pretty much falls all over himself when he sees her. The story follows Emily has she tries to fight her feelings and Gavin’s advances. There is definitely a love triangle and it is pretty obvious who we all should be rooting for. I will also tell you that the story does not end with this book, “Pulse” will be coming out this summer and you will be left wanting more.

So let me tell you about Gavin Blake. Holy freaking hell, this man is perfect. I read a review where he was thrown into the same ring as Travis Maddox, Gideon Cross and Kellen Kyle. Well let me just tell you, even though I loved those three characters, in my book, he surpasses all of them. Not only is he beautiful and head over heels in love with Emily, he also doesn’t have the damaged, dark past that is holding him back from fully being with Emily. He makes it known that he wants it all: “the all-day texting…the laughing and the forehead kisses…the date nights, the movie watching, and the breakfast making…the late-night drives, the sunset watching, the screaming, the yelling, and the crying.” This man is pretty perfect and you spend most of the book yelling at Emily to dump the Douche (thank you Olivia) and just be with Mr. Tall, Dark and Fuckable Handsome (thanks again Olivia!).

Now onto Emily. I liked Emily…sometimes. I got frustrated with her when she allowed her asswipe boyfriend to boss her around and dictate what she wears, where she goes, and who she hangs out with. As the reader, you kept asking her “why are you not with Gavin yet?” However, I was able to relate to where she was coming from and recognize that she was in a constant battle with herself between doing what she thought was right and following her heart.

This story was so well written and thought out and I am anxious for the next book to come out. I am a little frustrated that I have to wait 6 months to find out what happens next! Thank you Ms. McHugh for not only making Gavin a NY Yankee fan, but for creating these characters and a story that keeps you wanting more.

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