*NOTE: If you haven’t read Book One of the series “A Hidden Fire” and do not want spoilers, then STOP HERE!*

Review of “A Hidden Fire” (Elemental Mysteries Book 1)

Rating: 5 stars

I guess I should preface this by saying thank goodness all the books in the series was out before I started it or I would have lost sleep over what was going to happen after the ending of “A Hidden Fire”. So we learn in the Prologue that after Beatrice went to Los Angeles for graduate school, Giovanni disappeared from her life. I’m sorry, what?!?!  I was equally as pissed with Gio (and Ms. Hunter) for doing that as Beatrice was. Five years?!? He left for 5 freaking years…

Once the initial shock of how much time has passed and the realization that my favorite couple are NOT together, I let myself get swept away by this fabulous continuation of a story that was started so beautifully in “A Hidden Fire”. If “A Hidden Fire” was about character development/introduction and setting up the plot, then this book was definitely about Gio and Beatrice’s relationship. Don’t get me wrong, there still is mystery and murder, but the underlying theme – at least for me – was the development of Gio and B’s relationship. After getting inside Gio’s head and understanding why he gave her all that time away from him, I really did get it – and I think Beatrice did too.

“I’m back, Beatrice. I’m back for you, and I’m not going anywhere. You’re not a girl anymore, so run home for now but know that I’ll see you again tomorrow. And I’m not leaving you again.”

“But I couldn’t steal the life of a girl when I wanted a woman’s love. I wanted you to have a choice, not an infatuation.”

“Then I will earn the women’s love, if I have lost the girl’s.”

As the reader, and cheerleader for Gio and Beatrice (sorry Mano!), you were frustrated that these two didn’t just have a happy reunion right away, but that is what made this book just as fan-freaking-tastic as the first book, it was realistic (or as realistic as it can be for a woman to fall in love with a vampire). Beatrice, now in her late 20s, didn’t just forgive him and dump her boyfriend as soon as he came back. He had to earn her trust and you have to give Gio credit for being patient with her. You really got to see how much Gio loved Beatrice in this book. In “A Hidden Fire” you knew Beatrice was in love with Gio, but in this one you really got to understand how deep Gio’s love for Beatrice ran. And by the end of the book, you were so content with how their relationship progressed and where it was going. It was perfect.

But, as I mentioned, this book is not all romance. There is sadness and death of a beloved friend of Gio’s that starts the pair on a worldwide tour of Europe to get one step closer to finding Beatrice’s father, Stephen, and Lorenzo. They hit up Ireland, Wales, London, France, Chile and Brazil. By the end of the book, we find ourselves just beginning the journey into discovering what Beatrice’s father stole from Lorenzo and what it means for everyone involved.

“A Force of Wind” (Book 3) review coming shortly…