Now that RUSH has been out for a while, I am posting Part Two with my interview with NY Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Maya Banks. In this part of the interview I ask her questions specific to the book. So if you haven’t read RUSH yet, STOP HERE and make sure to come back after you’ve read it.


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What was your favorite scene to write? Least favorite scene? What about hardest scene to write?

Favorite scene the grovel scene in the end when Gabe really puts it on the line (finally) to get Mia back. I don’t have a least favorite scene simply because if I don’t like it or if I don’t feel it advances the story, then it doesn’t go into the final finished story. The hardest scene to write was the scene in the Paris hotel when Gabe is trying so desperately to prove to himself that he doesn’t love or need Mia and then realizes too late that he’s made a terrible mistake.

Gabe had a very businesslike attitude towards his relationships, which were understandable given his past. How were you able to come up with the “rules” of his relationship? It didn’t seem like a traditional dominant/submissive relationship, but it definitely was a control issue with him. Why was Gabe sort of in the in between on this?

It started out very businesslike but quickly evolved into something altogether different. No matter what Gabe outlined in the contract, it all changed when he and Mia became involved. He became a different person because she mattered to him whereas before his relationships were impersonal and were just about sex. He’s a businessman and he understands and relates to contracts, agreements etc so for him it was a logical step to protect himself and his interests after what happened with his ex wife to have a contract detailing any future relationships.

I know we will be diving deeper into Jace and Ash’s relationship in the next two books. I’ll be honest their relationship fascinates me. Are we going to learn more about why they have that specific taste?

There isn’t a deep seeded “reason” for the way they do things. They’re very good friends and they enjoy the same kinks. They trust each other and have a comfortable relationship. Basically it’s something they enjoy and so they indulge. But of course that all comes to a crashing halt when Jace meets his heroine in FEVER 😉

Some topics that you address in your book are considered taboo to some. What is your response to people who are shocked and in some cases, appalled, by some of these things? (Such as Jace and Ash’s threesome relationship, Gabe’s contract, the hotel scene)

I don’t have a set reaction because everyone’s threshold or parameters for “taboo” are quite different. No two people have the exact same set of values. What is shocking to someone is vanilla to someone else. So to some, there are scenes in RUSH that they’ll object to while others will think it wasn’t a big deal and then there’ll be all kinds of people in between. Everyone takes something different away from a story so I can’t focus on trying to figure out where that line is or worrying about crossing it because it’s different for every single reader.

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the hotel scene in Paris. Wow. Was that a hard scene to write especially since it was written from Gabe’s perspective? How did this scene come to you? It seemed to be the turning point in Gabe’s mind in how he felt about Mia, but yet he still was fighting his feelings for her.

It was a definite turning point and it was essential for Gabe. He was fighting his feelings for Mia very hard and he was attempting to prove to himself that he didn’t feel anything more than sexual attraction to her. But he quickly realizes that he can’t go through with what he’d planned. His instincts are screaming at him that it’s wrong and that he’s making a huge mistake. Of course he steps in a second too late and things go very wrong and he’s in agony for what he allowed to happen. The scene was important because it made things very clear in Gabe’s mind just how possessive he was of Mia but it also made it very clear to Mia that she only wanted this kind of relationship with Gabe. Where before she’d expressed “interest” and “curiosity” about interacting with other men, she absolutely refuses to even consider it ever happening again and very bluntly tells Gabe that she’ll walk if it ever happens again. It was a turning point for them both but more so for Gabe.

I’m sure we will see more of Gabe and Mia in the next two books, but are they going to be in the periphery or will they be an integral part of them as well? 

They aren’t married  by the time FEVER finishes although they do finally set a date. As I haven’t written Ash’s story yet, I don’t really know what will happen with the previous couples. I guess we’ll both find out!

Was it difficult to switch from writing about Gabe and Mia to writing about Jace and then Ash? Did you write the books all at once or did you have some time in between to let your head switch gears?

No it was hard to switch to Jace after writing Gabe simply because the heroine was so different, the circumstances were completely different and I had a very good idea of the characters going into the story. I wrote RUSH and FEVER back to back but then I had to write another book before I could get to Ash’s story so there is a break in between FEVER and BURN.

Do you have a favorite: Gabe, Jace, or Ash?

I say Jace, but since I haven’t written Ash’s story yet, that could very well change 🙂


Maya Banks lives in Texas with her husband, three children and assortment of cats. When she’s not writing, she can be found hunting, fishing or playing poker. A southern girl born and bred, Maya loves life below the Mason Dixon, and more importantly, loves bringing southern characters and settings to life in her stories.

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