Rating: 5 stars

This review is a little bittersweet for me because it is the final book in the series. Although Ms. Hunter is continuing to write about supporting characters found in the Elemental Mysteries series (see below for details), this is the last one that revolves around Giovanni & Beatrice. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, this series is probably my favorite series and I really found myself immersed in this world and invested in its characters.

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“No secret stays hidden forever.”

Still grieving from their loss in the far East, Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo discover that for them, all roads really do lead to Rome. But nothing is quite as it seems in the Eternal City. Joined by Carwyn and Tenzin, unexpected clashes greet them almost immediately, and rivalries churn beneath the glittering facade of the old Roman court. They quickly realize that allies might be enemies, and ancient rivals could hold the key to a deadly secret.

Giovanni and Beatrice will be forced to call on old alliances, ancient powers, and fierce cunning to survive for the eternity they both desire. Sometimes, finding the end means going back to the beginning. Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water finally meet with devastating results in the conclusion of the Elemental Mysteries.

When “The Force of Wind” ended, we knew these facts: 1) Beatrice was a vampire; 2) her father, Stephen, was killed by Lorenzo; 3) Lorenzo has the book that has the formula for the elixir of life and no one knows where he is; 4) Gio & Beatrice are going to Rome to meet Livia. There is a lot of things that still need to be handled and addressed before the series concludes and rest assured…all your questions are answered.

One of the most interesting things about this book is that we have a lot of flashbacks to when Gio was first “captured” by his sire, Andros and was living under Andros’ control. It was so wonderful to really find out how Gio came to be the man/vampire he is today, why he has this love/hate relationship with both Andros and Lorenzo, how Gio & Lorenzo’s relationship was prior to them both turning into vampires, and how Gio’s “education” has actually framed who he is and how he acts. I think this aspect was one of my favorite parts of the book.

Another great thing about this book was finally getting to see Beatrice kick ass rather than be the protected one. And as much as I loved the Twilight series, Beatrice would totally kick Bella Swan’s vampire behind any day. She also had some of the funniest quotes:

“My grandma told me I don’t need to taste piss to know I’m drinking wine.”

“Was that on your husband profile right under your ability to burn pasta? Because I’ll be honest, anything after the description of your sexual skills I just skipped over.”

Some other notes to point out is that we really got to see young Benjamin, who is 16, really growing up and turning into a man. We met Ben when he was just a kid and I really grew to love him. He was normally kept out of the way and safe by Gio, but in this book he really held a strong presence. Ben has also matured into a skilled fighter, which is no surprise given the amount of training he has done with Tenzin and Gio. We also got to see his relationship with Tenzin and their unique type of chemistry. I felt like most of the humor in this book was during these two’s conversations. For example,

“Are you one of those strange boys who likes to watch people do personal things? A ‘Peeping Tim?'”
“Tom! It’s ‘Peeping Tom,’ Tenzin”
“Oh, and you are one of them?”

We finally do get an explanation and conclusion to what was in the book Stephen stole from Lorenzo and what Lorenzo’s master plan is. We also find out who has been funding and supporting Lorenzo, which is unexpected yet not surprising.

This was the perfect end to a fabulous series. Ms. Hunter really did tie up all the loose ends, but at the same time left a few things open-ended which makes room for other books! I LOVE THIS SERIES AND HOPE THAT YOU ALL LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO!

This is not the last of the Elemental World, check back in a day or two for an exclusive interview with the author, Elizabeth Hunter, where she sheds some light on Gio & Beatrice, but also gives a sneak peak into a Tenzin/Ben series..

“Four elements together,” Giovanni murmured.
“Fire, earth, air, and water. Arosh, Saba, Ziri, and Kato.”
Arosh nodded toward him, “Giovanni, Carwyn, Tenzin, and Beatrice.”


*Synopsis was taken from Amazon