Wreck Me

by J.L. Mac

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wreck me

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Interview with J.L. Mac

Where did the inspiration for this book come from? How’d you come up with the idea?

Holiday traffic. I was jammed between a horde of cars and some handsome guy in a Mitsubishi zipped across 3 lanes to run a stop sign. I went all psycho-soccer-mom on him. Hand gestures, honking, the whole bit. As soon as I managed to get free from the traffic and merge onto the interstate I concocted this story. During the ten minute drive back to my house Wreck Me was born while listening to cheesy Christmas music.

Josephine has had a tough life and one that is probably more unfortunate than most female characters; however, she is also so incredibly strong, honest and has one dirty mouth. Where does this strength and honesty (and dirty mouth) come from?

I suppose I just imagined myself as Jo. I imagined what I would feel and do. I think if I had been dealt her hand I would be the way she is. I think I would be skeptical, and a tad bitter toward certain things. I think I would prefer a simple existence. I have an awful dirty mouth as it is. I imagine if I were Josephine, I would be far worse. I know if I were her I would carry such heavy sorrow that I would prefer it tucked away under hardened outer veneer. I think I would only allow myself to feel my hurt as infrequent as possible. Mostly, I think if I were Jo I would want the happily ever after. I would pretend that I don’t for the sake of self preservation, but everyone wants their happily ever after.

Damon is kind of an enigma, at least to me he is. His past and background are a little unclear, but it seems he’s never really been serious about a woman before. What was it about Josephine that drew him to her when they first met? Will we get a glimpse into his background a bit more in Restore Me?

Wreck Me was very focused on Josephine’s life. Restore Me gives the reader a very intimate look at how and why Damon is who he is. He has never had a serious relationship before. Similarly to Jo he prefers the simplicity of the single life. Damon’s desire to see Jo was initially driven by lust and curiosity. Things change for Damon very quickly and he finds himself compelled to win this woman over and give her a happily ever after. Restore Me further exposes Damon’s motivation.

Did you have any person/actor/model in mind while writing Damon and Josephine?

Initially I kind of floated between various muses. The lovely woman who made the trailer for Wreck Me is actually who discovered the two actors I consider the best Damon and Josephine. Rick Malambri and Ashley Greene are my Damon and Jo.

Wreck Mewreck me 2

The sex scenes were…steamy for lack of a better word. Do you find it challenging to write these scenes? Do you ever blush while writing them?

It can be difficult at times but usually the sex scenes play out pretty easily. I blush all the time. If I don’t find myself taking a deep breath to calm my thumping heart, I know the scene is lacking in one way or another.

What was your favorite scene to write? Least favorite? Hardest?

My absolute favorite was the scene where Jo reminisces about meeting Sutton for the first time. I wrote that scene and laughed the entire time. I could see these two birds of a feather playing battle of the wits. It was great.

Least favorite scene to write would have to be the scene where Jo has it out with Edward at Gram’s retirement home. I just really dislike that man.

The hardest scenes to write are the ones with such raw emotion. It always takes me a little while to get into Jo or Damon’s head. I listen to depressing music and just sit at my desk playing the scene out in my head until I feel what the character feels. The graveyard scene was one that was tough. It took a lot out of me trying to imagine how devastating it would be to walk in Jo’s shoes.

Did you listen to music while writing? If so, what were some of the songs you used for inspiration?

I am a bit of a music guru. I LOVE music. I listen to music while I write. I have playlists designated for certain moods. Some of the artists I listened to while writing Wreck Me and Restore Me:  The Civil Wars, Sia, Rihanna, Duffy, Deftones, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Ed Sheeran, Birdy, and many more.

There is a huge cliffhanger at the end of Wreck Me. What can we expect in Restore Me? Will there be more in the series after it?

Restore Me is it. It will be the end of Josephine and Damon’s story. What the reader can expect is a few light bulb moments. You can expect to be shocked to discover Damon’s history. You will see the epitome of determination. You will see Josephine partake in the battle of her life. She is a woman on a mission and her ambition and drive is inspiring.

What is next for you? Do you have something in the works when Restore Me is completed?

I have six projects for 2013. Restore Me is the third of these projects. The Deeper series that I am co-authoring with JB McGee is next up. The first book is called Dig Deep and it is a very refreshing change up from the typical Indie novel. This is a carefully co-authored series that incidentally dabbles in just about everything. Romance, erotica, a touch of paranormal, sleuth, thriller, mystery, suspense. It really is a smorgasbord for readers. We are very excited to get Deeper wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Word game. List the first word that come to mind:

Josephine: brave
Damon: tortured
Wreck Me: disaster
Restore Me: hope

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