Play With Me Cover

Rating: 4.5 stars

I am a huge fan of the With Me in Seattle series and an even bigger fan of the Montgomery clan. However, I didn’t know what to expect, since I never really got to know Will in the first two books. To me, he was just Jules’ brother who played professional football and ate a lot. But, if I’ve learned anything about Ms. Proby from her first two (and a half) books, I’ve learned that she knows how to really delve into a character and tell an amazing story filled with laughs, lust and tension. And she hit it out of the park with this one. I will even go so far as saying that I think I liked this book best out of all her other two (and a half) of the series.

The main reason why I loved this book was because Meg was an amaze-balls character. I LOVED her. First off, she is hilarious, especially when she is drunk. I was literally laughing out loud during her drunken conversations. There were even times when I hoped she’d get drunk just so I can hear some more from drunk Meg. Secondly, Meg is pretty badass and stands up for herself. She speaks her mind and doesn’t filter herself.

“Showing off how famous you are is not the way to impress me. I’m not a woman who thinks that scoring a celebrity is sexy. I think you’re sexy, without the football jersey.”

She is also incredibly caring and compassionate. You see her at her job as a nurse at a children’s hospital and the way she cares about those kids just shows how great of a person she is. And to round out all the amazing things about Meg, she’s fiesty. She knows just how to walk to line between good girl and vixen and she does it oh so well.

Even though I loved Meg, I think I loved Will just a little bit more. He definitely is a swoon worthy character. Professional football player – check. Drives a hot car (Shelby Mustang) – check. Enjoys spending time with his family – check. Extremely giving and down to earth – check. Hot as hell – check. There really isn’t anything about him not to like! But, I think my favorite attribute of Will’s is that he really understands Meg. He doesn’t push her and let’s her figure things out on her own time. However, he is also knows what he wants and does not settle for anything less – especially when it comes to Meg.

“You need to understand, Megan, once I make love to you, you’re mine.”

Now onto the story. Meg has some abandonment issues, for valid reasons, but still they are issues that come between Will and her. She has an inner struggle about her feelings for Will and goes back and forth between fighting them and welcoming them. She is always waiting for the other shoe to drop and it sometimes causes her to say and do things to sabotage her relationship. But, rest assured, Meg grows immensely as a person and mostly because of Will.

Not only does this book continue the Montgomery clan’s story, but it introduced us to Leo Nash, rock star. Yes, Ms. Proby will be writing about Meg’s quasi-brother, Leo, and what happens between him and Sam, Luke’s sister. I cannot wait to read Ms. Proby’s take on a rock star romance…YES PLEASE!

*I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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