Rating: 5 stars

There are times when a book or series comes out that completely take over the reading community. The Thoughtless series has joined the ranks as one of the best series that is out there in the indie publishing community. RECKLESS is the third and final book in the series and had people literally staying up until all hours of the night getting their final Kellan Kyle fix. For those of you that have not read Thoughtless, the first book of the series, STOP HERE. This is a spoiler-free review, but you will have to have read books one and two to know what is going on.

This book was utter perfection in my eyes. Were there things I would change if I could…maybe, but all in all I LOVED this book and had such a bittersweet feeling when I finished it. I felt such a feeling of contentment because the story was everything I wanted it to be and more and the ending was just…perfect. On the other hand, I had such dread as I was nearing the end because I knew this would be my final taste of Kellan Kyle and I don’t know how to replace such a perfect guy.

Let’s start with the story. What a roller coaster this one turned out to be. The book picks up right after Effortless ends, with Kiera and Kellan enjoy their first day as being husband and wife – at least in their eyes. We then follow them as they go to LA to finish recording the D-Bags’s first album, on a promotional tour for the D-Bags first album, and then on the tour bus. Rest assured Kellan and Kiera are together pretty much the entire time as she has joined him on the road. Their relationship in this book was…honest. It was so great to finally see them together for most of the book and completely honest with one another. They’ve hurt each other and other people so much by their past that they’ve made a pact to always be honest with one another and it is so refreshing to see. This was probably one of my favorite things about this book – they were a unit, a team, partners. It was them against the world and they never once turned on one another.

Now even though they were such a unit together, that doesn’t mean there weren’t people trying to break them up for their own selfish reasons. There was plenty of that. In fact there were a few times where I got so annoyed or disgusted I screamed at my Kindle and had to hold myself back from throwing up a bit. There were also moments where I wanted to shake Kellan or Kiera to make them do something to stop the madness.

Kiera. Oh my Kiera has come such a long way from Thoughtless. She had a lot of growth in this book and I think I was most proud of her. She has fought hard to be a better person and I love her for that. Her confidence has grown so much and she knows who she is. She also knows and understands Kellan like no one else does. Just from a look or tone of his voice, she knew what he needed, what he was thinking. She was so in tune with him that you knew how connected they were.

Taking a step back and looking at the situation through critical eyes, it was easy to see my many mistakes. There were points when I had been whiny, clingy, petty, wishy-washy…downright annoying.

The overwhelming sensation that I’d been cleaved in two at birth, and, miraculously, I’d managed to find my other half. And even more miraculously, he felt the same.

Kellan. Sigh. Where do I begin. Looking back at Effortless, I realized that this man has only had eyes for Kiera. There is no doubt in his mind that Kiera was it for him. His wife, his partner, his other half, his savior, his always. It began and ended with Kiera and he never wavered from that. This is what I loved most about him and am so in love with Ms. Stephens right now for making him this way. His rose petal notes, his way with the alphabet, his surprise cowboy dance, his attempted defiance of the system. Perfection.

Not loving you isn’t possible. Trust me, I tried.

I love you too, Kiera. Just you. You’re my always.

And without giving anything away, I will say that I could not have written a better ending – it was everything I wanted. Even though I will miss my Kellan Kyle fix, I was so pleased with how it ended. I guess when I need my fix, I’ll have to just go back and re-read the series – it could be worse. For those that are interested, my FAVORITE part of the book was at Location 8702-8713  🙂 What’s your favorite part?

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