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Interview with Shey Stahl

WAITING FOR YOU is the first book you’ve published that isn’t part of the Racing on the Edge series. Was it refreshing to write about new characters and new stories? Did you approach writing it the same way you did the books from the series?

You know, it was refreshing to write something other than the ROTE series as a change of pace. I think I needed that. I did find myself constantly comparing them to the characters in ROTE too. The biggest transformation was the writing style I used. It’s more choppy than ROTE but it was how I wanted to write it. By listing emotions instead of describing the scene created a different feel to the scenes and characters.

Music was carefully woven into this book, much to my delight! Was there a particular band/singer that you listened to while writing? Do you have a song or songs in mind that represents this book?

Music was a huge part of writing Waiting for You. Every chapter had a song that went with it and I would listen to it on repeat practically drowning my thoughts in lyrics. I listened to a lot of Framing Hanley and Theory Of A Deadman but for a representation of this book, the song that comes to mind for me is Wide Awake by Katy Perry and Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol.

Is there a singer/band out there that you modeled Dylan’s voice after? Who would Dylan sound like?

Dylan’s voice was molded after Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry and Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon. In my mind he’d be a perfect match of the two of them but more so of Robertson.

Bailey lived such a structured, controlled life for as long as she could remember. What was it that made her speak out and rebel during the graduation? Why did she wait so long to do it?

Bailey wanted to do good by her parents and she did. That was until she realized that wasn’t what she wanted. It was something that was coming whether she wanted it to or not. It’s also something I think a lot of teens can relate to. When Bailey saw Dylan on graduation day, that’s what made her change her mind. She saw him, doing what he wanted, and it hit her that she could be that way. All she had to do was stand up for herself. If it wouldn’t have been for Dylan, Bailey would have went to college and went about her life though inside she wanted none of that. Dylan and Bailey fed from each other in ways they never knew. He looked to her and she looked to him as though each one held the answer to their problems. It wasn’t healthy and in the end they found that out but it was something they both needed too.

Dylan seemed to be holding a torch for Bailey since they were young kids and he understood who she really was. How come he always kept his distance and never tried to talk to her before?

Dylan never wanted to be the reason Bailey left the life she had. He wanted to be the reason she came alive and found herself. He kept his distance until she stood up for herself. He knew the smiles she faked but waited for her. When she did, he wanted to show her a life she only dreamed of. He wanted to show her that the moments and memories she could have were worth it.

There were some hilarious memories that Dylan and Bailey created while on their road trip (i.e. the dents in Dylan’s car) where I literally laughed out loud. Were these modeled after real life events? How did you think these up?

When I was eighteen, I too drove from Washington to Arizona with my husband. We got married a month after I turned eighteen and then moved to Arizona. So yes, a lot of what happened was loosely modeled after real events. That scene where they have a dance off in the Taco Bell parking lot may or may not have been something I did at one time. Most of the scenes were my imagination aside from the scene in the rain on the hood. That was by far my favorite memory from my own road trip.

Racing on the Edge fans were treated to a surprise visit with Jameson, Sway and the rest of the gang. What made you decide to connect these two stories?

I’ve seen authors tie in other characters from either another author all together or their own and wanted to try it. From the very beginning Dylan was Kyle’s nephew. That wasn’t something I just tossed in there. When I started outlining his character he began as Kyle’s nephew and was almost written into the ROTE series but I changed it and gave him his own story. I’m a huge race fan so naturally on their road trip they would attend a race and that’s when I decided to tie the characters together.

You are going to be continuing Dylan and Bailey’s story in a follow up book. Was this always the plan? If not, what made you change your mind? When can we expect it to be released?

It was always a plan to eventually continue their story that’s why the end was written the way it was. You’re left wondering where they went next. Readers requested and then I thought about it some and decided they needed more. So the answer would be readers. They changed my mind. The plan is for two more books for Dylan and Bailey.

What’s next for you? Can you tell us what you are currently working on and what the rest of your year looks like?

Right now what’s next for me is undecided. I’ve had an interesting few weeks and some opportunities have presented themselves but nothing has been finalized. Currently I’m working on Delayed Penalty and Behind the Wheel. I’m hoping to release Delayed Penalty here soon, maybe April and then Behind the Wheel in July. As for the rest of the year, as soon as some details get worked out I will make an official announcement what that entails but my readers will be excited.

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