waiting for you

Rating: 4 stars

I had to digest this book for a few days before I was able to write this review and no that is not a bad thing. I was hooked from the very beginning of this book until the very last sentence. Before I get into what the book is about and what I thought, I just want to point out that I really loved Ms. Stahl’s writing style and how she was able to convey so many emotions through her words. I really felt this was beautifully written and really made the story that much more enjoyable.

We meet Bailey Gray on the day of her high school graduation and through internal dialogue with herself you find out how unhappy she really is because her parents have held a tight grasp on her her whole life. After an intense outburst in front of everyone, Bailey escapes with Dylan Wade, her neighbor and childhood best friend, whom she really hasn’t spoken to since they were kids. Thus begins one hell of a road trip filled with laughs, tears, lust and music.

Dylan Wade is a bit of a conundrum. He exudes bad boy, tattooed rocker and drives a hot as hell Pontiac GTO. From the outside, he isn’t someone you would think harbors feelings for someone like Bailey especially since he has a criminal record. Although most of the book is told from Bailey’s perspective, we do get to hear from Dylan and find that he had a purpose and reason for everything that he’s done over the years. And it is pretty evident that Dylan is hiding something big from Bailey that he is refusing to tell her.

More than anything, I wanted Bailey to see what had been waiting for her. Me. She needed to see that there was one person out there that would treat her the way she deserved to be treated and wouldn’t lie to her. The shitty part was that though I wasn’t lying, I wasn’t telling her everything I knew. Part of me didn’t want to.

Now Bailey. I loved her. She was so goddamn naive, but you couldn’t blame her because her parents kept her controlled and sheltered her whole life and she let them. I think my favorite thing about Bailey was that she knew every single one of her flaws and she owned them. She never made excuses for them and she owned up to them every single time. She was also extremely honest, both with herself and Dylan, which says something for an eighteen year old girl who ran away from home.

Any girl, and I don’t care who you are, has a vindictive side.

I wasn’t going to act like one of those girls that constantly debated the guy’s feelings or lack thereof. That’d never been me and I wasn’t about to start with that shit.

There were a couple of times where I feel like Bailey and Dylan’s relationship was going in a viscous cycle and they didn’t seem to move forward. In hindsight, I understand why – Dylan is hiding something from Bailey and doesn’t know how to handle that, while Bailey has no idea that Dylan is hiding something. But, while I was reading I did get frustrated with both of them.

Now Ms. Stahl recently has said that she is going to be/may be writing a sequel to Waiting for You and I’m thrilled. Don’t get me wrong the ending was perfect. If this was a stand alone book, I would have been completely content with the way the story ended. But, I wanted more of Dylan and Bailey. By the end of the book they were very different people than who they started the book as and I want to explore the new Dylan and Bailey more. They seem like they will be more fun!

Some things to note:

-Dylan singing the cover of Lollipop = pure hotness!

-Fans of Ms. Stahl’s Racing series will be pleased to know that Jamison and Sway make an appearance

-Dylan’s wrist tattoo – when you find out what it means you will swoon