by Christa Cervone

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According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of the word Broken is violently separated into parts. SHATTERED.

Yup, that pretty much sums me up. How do I handle things? I find my answers at the bottom of a bottle of Tequila and sleep with random men.

How did I get this way? Well, four years ago I made a decision that cost me the love of my life. I can’t undo what I did to drive Garrett out of my life. I haven’t seen or heard from him in four long years. But he still haunts me in my dreams or should I call them nightmares at this point? No matter how much booze I drink and how many men I sleep with, nothing fills the void. I feel like I am existing but I’m not really living.

I’m trying to get my life back on track. Well that was until. . . . Garrett walked back into my life. His reappearance threw me into another tailspin.
How do I put the pieces of our broken hearts back together? All before he walks out of my life again… this time for good. Or am I simply destined to just be Broken?

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My Review

Rating: 4.5 stars

I felt consumed when I was with him like we were the only two people in the world when we were together. The intensity between us was almost too much for me to handle sometimes…

This quote pretty much sums up the book for me – it is a story about love, passion, betrayal and forgiveness and I loved every minute of it. When we meet Leila, a photographer with a bit of a drinking habit and an affinity for sex with random men, we immediately know that this is her way of dealing with emotions that she has buried for years. Four years ago, Garrett, the love of her life, told her he couldn’t even look at her and broke her heart. And she is still dealing with the ramifications of that event. Then Garrett comes steamrolling back into her life and thus begun a string of events that ultimately lead to him trying to insert himself back into her life. But they both have resentment and anger for one another – they are both broken.

While I was reading this, I felt like Ms. Cervone was having a conversation with me telling me the story of Leila and Garrett. I felt so comfortable reading this story – it just flowed without any unnecessary scenes or subplots – that I finished it in about a day. There was a bit of a mystery behind the back story of why Leila and Garrett broke up in the past and that was not resolved til about midway through the book. I kept trying to guess what it was that caused Garrett to walk away from her and join the Marines, but I was so wrong! Their story was so heartbreaking and personal that I felt for both of them for completely different reasons.

I also need to mention that this book had some pretty hot sex scenes (including one on the phone) and Garrett – loosely based on real life Marine, Alex Minsky – was so freaking yummy! I thought Garrett was going to be a little rough around the edges and hard for me to like because of what happened in their past, but I was wrong again! He was so sweet and honest and extremely sexy. I loved him and how he has handled everything life has thrown at him. I think I can continue to gush about him, but I will spare you and just tell you to go read this book!

Now on to Leila. I LOVED her when we met her. She had a potty mouth, spoke her mind and went after what she wanted. And then Garrett came back… I still love Leila, but I had a hard time with the fact that she never told anyone about what caused Garrett to break up with her in the first place. I know she was still dealing with what happened, but even after 4 years, she still let everyone believe that she was the victim and blame-free in the whole thing. I get why, I just was a bit disappointed in her and wished she was a little more forthcoming.

The ending was perfect and left me content which allowed me to be at peace with letting these fabulous characters go. I loved Ms. Cervone’s writing style and look forward to reading what she has coming next. On a side note, this book also introduced me to the amazing song “Just Give Me a Reason” by P!nk – which is my new favorite song of the week!

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