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*Note: Quotes from this book may have language that is sexual in nature. If you are offended by this, then this book and review may not be for you*

Rating: 4.5 stars

Oh. My. God. This book grabs your attention from the very start when Remington “Riptide” Tate walks into the Underground boxing ring. I have never read a more Alpha character than Remy. He is the epitome of hotness – a beast of a body, dimples that’ll charm your pants off, killer tan that enhances every muscle in his body, tattoos strategically placed, and piercing blue eyes that hypnotize you. The man is a living, breathing sex-on-a-stick. Yes Ms. Evans created a character that you will compare every man you read about (and come into contact with?) for the next few days, weeks, months, heck maybe even years to. Thank you Ms. Evans!

The book starts with Brooke Dumas attending one of Remy’s underground fights and catching one another’s eye. The intensity of their attraction is overwhelming. Yes, there is an instant connection, but instead of calling it insta-love, I’d like to call it insta-lust. Their first meeting was…too hot for words, so I’ll let Ms. Evans describe it:

I’m left with the distinct impression this man wants to pound me next. With his cock.

He just fucked my name right in front of me.

I’ve never seen a man go after a woman like that. Holy shit, it’s like porn with the romance.

Here is what I LOVED about Remy. He knew what he wanted from the very beginning and he was patient – extremely patient…too patient? He wasn’t a typical bad boy that slept with everything and anything that opened their legs (at least when he met Brooke). He wasn’t an asshole either. He had demons – dark demons – but he owned it and took every precaution he could with Brooke. He was extremely devoted, loyal, protective and caring. Geez this man was perfect – even with the demons. When I say Remy is perfect, I’m not just saying it because he was gorgeous, I’m saying that because he really didn’t do any wrong in my eyes. All the problems and issues that arose in this book were allΒ  Brooke – unless I was wearing my Remy colored classes the entire time, which could possibly have happened.

I’m every woman’s adventure, damn you, and I don’t want to be yours. I want to be your fucking REAL. You get that? If I fuck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine.

Now onto Brooke. Hmm. I liked her because she was different from other female characters I’ve read about. She wasn’t wishy-washy, in fact she knew exactly what she wanted from Remy. For the first part of the book she was feisty, strong and never gave up. I really enjoyed how much she wanted to protect Remy. However, somewhere towards the middle/end of the book, she lost my love a bit. She seemed to be the one causing all the turmoil, which was a great change to most of the other books I’ve read. I think this is one of the first books that I’ve read in a while – maybe even ever – where the female main character was the one that did all the “wrongs”. However, she was redeemable and easily forgiven.

The first half of the book was filled with a lot of angst and this is what made me LOVE THIS BOOK (aside from Remy)! The angst was a perfect balance of frustration and excitement. It was like foreplay, literally and metaphorically, and it was HOT! You felt the connection, desire, lust, and need pouring off both Remy and Brooke. One of my favorite parts of this book was that in order to express their feelings for each other, they played each other songs. I will never listen to IRIS again without thinking of this book.

As fantastic as the first half of the book was, there were some things – little things – that I wasn’t too big a fan of towards the latter part. Let me preface this by saying I LOVE Alpha Remy and how Brooke belonged to him. I also am no prude when it comes to sex scenes. BUT, the lion metaphors and all the licking sort of got to me after a while. I get it – she is HIS and he has this need to claim her. But, there was a lot of licking – like random licks over her palm – that I felt needed to be toned down a bit. It just got to be too excessive and I found myself turned off slightly by it. Instead of enjoying the steaminess of the scene, I started dwelling on the licking and wondering why he must lick her like that every time.

I also felt like the sex scenes – albeit hotter than hell – got to be drawn out and slightly repetitive as well. You have to understand that Remy is a beast – inside and outside the bedroom – with a sexual appetite that does not quit. I loved it, I just didn’t need to read about every single time he took her, especially when it was a lot of the same thing – marking her, claiming her, licking her. The book would’ve still been just as hot and steamy without all the similar drawn out sex scenes.

That being said I loved how this book ended and how everything was laid out on the table for both of them. I am so desperately excited to read REMY (REAL from Remy’s POV) and MINE (the sequel to REAL). This book is a definite MUST READ – you will not be disappointed!

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