by Audrey Harte

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Love In All The Wrong Places 2-2


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Annie Chang is in her mid 20s and has lived in Los Angeles all her life. After a series of failed relationships, she’s beginning to feel like she will never meet Mr. Right. But seeing one of her longtime BFFs find love on the internet, she decides to give online dating a try.

After finally finding an amazing guy who sweeps her off her feet, will he prove to be everything she could have wished for and more or is he too good to be true?

My Review

Rating: 3 – 3.5 stars

I loved the idea of this book before I even started it. I read these books about characters meeting in person all the time, but the reality is that a lot of people in the “real world” are moving to online dating. Annie Chang is no different than you or I. Smart, beautiful, funny – she is not a troll and really should not have a hard time meeting a man. But, due to her string of poor choices in men, she has resorted to posting ads on Craigslist.

This book flowed really well and it was extremely easy to read. We’re given a glimpse into Annie’s past relationships, which were actually kind of humorous in hindsight, and were able to see the ads she posted and her responses. There were times when I laughed and shook my head because Annie and her reactions were just so relatable. I instantly felt a connection to Annie and felt everything she felt. Ms. Harte did such a great job in having me sympathize with her and root for her at the same time. Even though the story was written in the 3rd person, I really felt like I was Annie.

The few things I had a hard time swallowing with this book was that different men were introduced throughout the book and I became attached to each and every one of them – just to have them snatched away. I swooned over all the sweet things they each said, I lusted for them when Annie described how they made her feel, I fell for them as Annie did or started to. Because there wasn’t really anything wrong with any of them, it became hard for me to root for one in particular. One minute I was hoping that this one guy was the guy for Annie, just to have him disappear and another one appear. It made it challenging to stay connected to the story and I stopped caring towards the end.

That being said I can understand why Ms. Harte did this since Annie was navigating the waters of online dating. However, when the book ended, I was left feeling incomplete. The book ends without any sense of which guy I should be rooting for and left me feeling confused as to which guy I wanted Annie to be with. Because Ms. Harte had the men in and out of Annie’s life, when someone reappeared, I just didn’t care anymore. And then when the ending came and the story just abruptly stops, I felt a bit cheated. I don’t mind cliffhangers or books that make me wait for the next one, but I would’ve like a sense on where the story was going.

The story was fun and there were some pretty steamy scenes. It just didn’t feel like a whole book for me. Maybe that’s just me. But if you want an easy, quick read that makes your pulse rise with different hot men who have a sexy sexual appetite, then pick this one up.

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The evenings at home were long and lonely and she began to scroll through the Craigslist listings again, looking for someone to keep her company.

One night, she even resorted to posting in the Casual Encounters section; she was so desperate to find someone to be with her and love her.  It hadn’t been difficult to convince herself that maybe eventually, one of these random guys she was thinking about hooking up with was going to turn out to be a really good guy.  She imagined that he would look at her and actually see her, the wonderfully good person she was inside, instead of just another piece of ass.  Even though he was just looking for a good time and a casual fling, he would somehow decide to want to be with her only because she was so amazing.

In reality, she was completely delusional and spiraling further and further out of control.  Researching the ads other women had posted before writing her first Casual Encounters ad didn’t make her feel any better about her prospects.

Let Me Suck Your Cock, Dirty Old Man – 22
Cream My Hungry Hole – 25
Submissive Swallowing Slut Likes a Lengthy Hot Time – 34
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? – 45

Why couldn’t someone just want to have a fun, casual, somewhat romantic time without having to make it sound so dirty and crass?  Scrolling past the headers with disdain, she clicked on the link to create a new posting and got ready to type.  Trolling the Craigslist Casual Encounters section for men may be stooping to a new all-time low for her, but at least she could be more original about it.

Half-Baked, Dave Matthews, Dexter, Doggy Style – 25
What do these four things have in common, you ask?  They’re just some of my favorite things.  If perhaps you share similar interests with me, send me a picture of yourself and name four of your favorite things in return.  I’m a fan of kicking it with someone I am comfortable around who can also make me laugh…let’s be friends who like to have fun together. 😉  I’m half Asian, 5’8”, toned and in my mid-twenties.  My type is a tall guy with strong arms, great eyes, nice abs and a killer smile, who can preferably dance.  We’d meet first at a club and dance together – partially so I can make sure you’re not a crazy person and look like your picture, and partially so you can convince me with your smooth moves that I want to come home with you.  Are you up for the challenge?

Annie didn’t have to wait long before emails started flooding into her inbox.  Most were very short and to the point, indicating to her that the guys hadn’t really read her ad and must not have thought it worthwhile to put much effort into their responses.  What was wrong with men these days?  It was becoming rare to find men who knew the meaning of foreplay, both verbal and physical.  However, there was one email that caught her eye.

From:   Nate Skyles
Subject:  Rock climbing, Art, Con Air, Doggystyle (stole yours)
Date:  January 5, 2013 18:15

Hey!  My name is Nate and I saw your ad on Craigslist and thought I would respond.   To tell you a little about me, I am 23, 6′, 195 lbs.  I have been dancing ballet for about eleven years as often as I can.  When people ask me what I am, I say a dancer, even though I’m not professional or anything.  And I can hold my own in a club no problem as well.  Dance is pretty universal, lol.  Another hobby of mine is rock climbing, which is a good, fun way to stay in shape.  I love to draw and paint and I dabble in a bit of free-lance photography as well.  And I am a bit of a Dom in bed…nothing too severe, but I do love to put a woman where I like her, and where I like her the most is on her hands and knees.  I am also extremely oral; nothing would make me happier than to pin you down and eat you out until you come.  Anyway, you seem pretty great and I would love to get to know you.  I greatly look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

Attached were several pictures of a good looking guy with wavy blonde hair; one was of him performing in a ballet.  He looked like he was very physically fit and strong and he had a lazy grin that made her toes curl.  She was definitely responding to him.  If there was one thing she had a huge weakness for when it came to men, it was a guy who could dance.  The second weakness would be an accent, preferably British.  Put the two together and wow, what a combo you had.  But beggars couldn’t be choosers, so she’d take one out of the two any day.

From:   Annie Chang
Subject:  On my hands and knees
Date:  January 5, 2013 18:47
To:  Nate Skyles

Hi Nate, my name is Annie and I liked your response to my ad.  I like that you can dance as that’s a huge plus with me.  I’ve never been rock climbing – that seems pretty hardcore.  I hike pretty frequently although I don’t know if I’d like rock climbing, but I think I’d like to climb you.  😉  It’s good that you’re oral as I’m pretty oral myself.  Are you vocal at all?  I don’t mean corny porn star noises, but I definitely like to hear the kind of reaction I can bring out of a guy as I’m running my tongue down his abs and across his hip bone before I take him in my mouth.

And I like a man who knows what he wants…especially in bed.  I love doggy because of the deep penetration, but also because it makes it easy for me to slam my pussy back around your cock as you thrust into me.  I know it’s the motion of the ocean that’s most important, but I hope you’ve got decent equipment to work with as well. 😉 Although I love being sexual, I also like a good friendship with the guy I’m with and enjoy hanging out before and after.  I’m not just looking for a simple wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  Still interested?

After attaching a few recent pictures, Annie sent the email and then immediately regretted it.  What the hell was she doing?  Could she really go through with this and meet up with some random guy?  She wasn’t sure, but she reminded herself that she wasn’t obligated to do anything.  She would just wait and see what happened.  Maybe he wouldn’t even respond.

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Born and raised in Hawaii, Audrey Harte grew up an only child for the first eight years of her life, which forced her to use her imagination to keep herself entertained. She moved to Nebraska where she attended junior high and high school and participated in several plays and musical productions at the local community college and West Nebraska Arts Center. In 1998, Audrey relocated to Los Angeles, California where she has lived ever since. She has been writing poetry and song lyrics since she was young, but only more recently has she started and is determined to finish her first book.

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