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Rating: 4 stars

What took me so long to read this book?!? Hot rock stars – check. Sweet love story – check. Steamy scenes – check. This book has been on my To Be Read list for months now and I’m so glad that I finally sat down to read it. I was not disappointed – this book was easy to read, did not drag and really kept you wanting more.

The book is told from Lanie’s POV and starts as she is sent to gather information on Black Falcon for the marketing firm she is interning for. Little does anyone know, her and Noel Falcon, the lead singer, were high school sweethearts and deeply in love until she broke his heart after they graduated high school. It’s been four years since she sees him and Lanie isn’t prepared for the emotions she will feel as she reconnects with him. Lanie is dead set on focusing on her career and ignoring Noel’s irresistible charms, while Noel will stop at nothing to try to get his girl back – even if it means not being fully forthcoming with her.

I loved these characters, even when they irritated me! Noel was exactly what I expected from a lead singer. At times, since did seem to be hiding something, I wondered if he was just using Lanie to get back at her for the heart break she caused years ago. Lanie definitely irritated me a bit because she was so stubborn and hung up on a job that really wasn’t even a job – it was an internship. She was the one who broke up with Noel when they were younger, and yet she was the one still with all the reservations. However, she was finally able to recognize her feelings and allow herself to “live a little.” My favorite moments between Lanie and Noel were when they were back on the dock where they grew up. It showed that despite his fame, they were still just the same two kids who grew up next door to one another.

The ending was a bit predictable and the twist that drove the wedge between Noel and Lanie felt unexplained. It didn’t make sense to me – actually, I did understand it, but I just didn’t see the motivation behind it. The whole situation really didn’t feel completely resolved because I was left with lingering questions. However, as soon as I finished with this book, I immediately wanted to start Rock the Band, which is definitely a good sign.

The writing was good, the story was great and the characters were realistic. If you’re craving a rock star romance, I definitely recommend this one!

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Rock the Heart (Black Falcon #1)

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Rating: 4 stars

I loved that for this novella we got to be inside Noel’s head! I found myself really liking “hearing” his voice and seeing how he really felt about everything that happened in Rock the Heart.

This book picks up pretty much right where Rock the Heart ended. It took me though what happened after Lanie and Noel finally decided to let each other back into each others’ lives. It was sweet and slightly predictable, but I still loved it. I had grown so attached to Noel and Lanie that I just couldn’t let their story end.

If you read Rock the Heart, I strongly recommend reading Rock the Band – why wouldn’t you?