(Starlight Trilogy #1)

by Alexandra Richland

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Release Date: May 1st


October 1952 finds eighteen-year-old Marie Bates relocating from her rainy hometown in the Pacific Northwest to the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles, California. Marie’s plans for a teaching career take an unexpected turn when she’s asked to take a screen test at a major motion picture studio.

Renamed Elizabeth Sutton by the studio heads, she lands her first role as an extra. On set, Elizabeth spies Aidan Evans, a rebellious, twenty-three-year-old Method actor from New York. Aidan is branded as a stuck-up troublemaker by his famous Hollywood peers, but Elizabeth suspects a tragic secret lurks behind his steely facade.

As their careers hit the fast track and friendship evolves into romance, the expectations of Hollywood stardom threaten to shine a spotlight on Aidan’s dark past before he can make peace with it. Elizabeth must help Aidan confront the painful event that shattered his life and conquer a terrifying truth before it destroys him and their future together.

The first book in the Starlight Trilogy, Starlight is a story of love and redemption set against the backdrop of the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Five Reasons You Must Read Starlight:

1. A sweeping technicolor tale of forbidden romance.

2. A detailed homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

3. Cameos from many of your favorite classic film stars.

4. Transformation of a small town girl to silver screen starlet through Hollywood’s unforgiving lens.

5. Close-up of a 1950s bad boy channeling a tragic past and the stress of sudden super stardom through the art of Method acting.

* * *


Aidan cleared his throat. “Beth?”

“Yes, Aidan?”

“May I place a kiss on your cheek?”

“A kiss?” Heat fanned across her face. “Why, yes. I . . . I’d like that very much.”

“I’m sorry I’m asking you in my car––”

“I don’t mind, honest.” She felt her blush deepen.

Aidan draped his right arm over her seat and moved closer . . . closer. Then, finally, his lips were near hers.

“I had a wonderful time with you today,” he murmured.

“Me too.” Beth closed her eyes.

Aidan pressed his lips to her cheek, his hand stroking the other side of her face. He kissed her cheek again, followed by her jaw, stirring something warm and pleasurable deep inside her that she’d never felt.

Beth took in a sharp breath as he moved lower . . . lower. When his lips met her neck,desire rippled from her head to her toes and she let out a gasp.

* * *

Author Interview

What motivated you to write Starlight?
I’m a huge classic film fan, and I especially admire Method actors like Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and James Dean, and director Elia Kazan, who co-founded the Actors Studio in New York. The Starlight Trilogy was a great way to explore my love of film and writing.  I was also fascinated with the psychological effects of fame and the art of acting, which I was able to incorporate into the story as well.

Give us the 140 character TWEET description of Starlight.
Rebel Method actor, Aidan Evans, meets Starlight Studios’ newest ingénue, Elizabeth Sutton. A story of love & redemption set against the backdrop of 1950s Hollywood.

That’s 141 characters (Can I use Twit Longer? 🙂

Name one thing Beth would not leave home without. How about Aidan?
The answer will be different for each book in The Starlight Trilogy, so I’m responding according to Starlight (book #1) only.

Beth: Beth would most likely carry a picture of her parents. Inasmuch as she left home to start a new life for herself, her family is still very important to her and thoughts of them bring her comfort while she’s on her own for the first time in her life.

Aidan: A package of Winstons (cigarettes), matchbook and/or lighter, and whatever film script he’s working on at the moment (which you can bet will be heavily marked with personal notes on his character and revisions to his lines).

* * *

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