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I should have known by the tattoos that Sawyer was trouble. My mother always said to stay away from boys with ink, but she ignored her own advice. She also abandoned me and my little sister.

Life’s been hard for the two of us, on the run and on our own, but I just turned twenty-one and started working at a bar in a new city. I wear a fake wedding band and a veil of lies.

My gold ring didn’t stop Sawyer. He looked into me with his heavenly green eyes, and I nearly forgot my pretty lies. Now he wants to help me get my life together.

I should stay away, because he could blow my cover. When we get found—and I know one day we will—I want my sister to be old enough to handle the truth about our past.

I may be hanging out with Sawyer, but we’re definitely not dating. I swear, he’s not setting me on fire with every glance or casual touch. We’re just friends. I’m not thinking about him wrapping those tattooed arms around me, every second of every day.

New Adult Contemporary Romance.

Teaser Excerpt

I whispered, “It’s a beautiful painting. Nobody’s ever drawn me before. I didn’t know what it felt like until now.”

“To be someone’s inspiration?”

The tears returned, and this time they wouldn’t hold back.

I whispered, “To be seen.”

“I see you,” he said, kissing my hand. “I see you, Aubrey.”

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Fun Facts About Mimi Strong and FOR YOU

1. For You was originally planned as a trilogy, with a love triangle. Another love interest named Carson was introduced in the beginning of the first draft, but the story completely rejected poor Carson. (Sorry dude, maybe another book!) Toward the end of my draft, I decided against using a cliffhanger, and made the book a stand-alone novel rather than a series. I did this because all the possible options for a second book extending this particular story didn’t seem very romantic to read, or fun for me to write. Sometimes you just have to go with your feelings.

2. Sawyer’s tattoos were inspired by a cute waiter who served me and my friend breakfast the day I started writing For You. I feel like a sponge sometimes, picking up details from the world around me to put into novels. I love writing in coffee shops, because if I need an idea for a side character, I can just look out at the sidewalk. For example, I left Sawyer’s bike description blank for a few days until I saw a bike in real life that inspired me. I could have just looked something up online, but reality inspires me more.

3. Some beta readers asked me if the infamous maple syrup scene might be taking it too far. I’m sure for some people, it was. However, is there anything more exciting than hearing an artist you enjoy saying the phrase, “I took a risk”? I have a musician friend who pointed out that I’m quite brave with my work. Trust me, I don’t always feel brave, but I’m willing to take risks.

4. For You is my fourteenth book. I started out self-publishing YA books in 2011 under the name Dalya Moon. I frequently had to tone down the romantic scenes in my stories to keep them YA, so moving into erotic romance and New Adult made perfect sense for me.

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