never a mistress

Rating: 4 stars

Here is a little something about me. I’m a sucker for a good historical romance. In the past I have devoured books by Philippa Gregory (The Other Boleyn Girl) and Sylvia Day (The Stranger I Married, Seven Years in Sin). I love this genre because it is a time period where you would think everything would be so prim and proper, but if you really think about it, the rules of fornication were the same as they were today. This book is no different. It transported me back to the 1800s, where a simple kiss discovered by the public would indicate an engagement. Where a single woman had certain rules to live by. Where men slept around with no shame or public ridicule.

Seven years ago, Jane Wetherby found herself on the battlefields of Belgium during Napoleon’s War with England disguised as a man so that she can serve as a surgeon for the wounded. After being rescued by Ned, she repays him by nursing his bullet wound. It is during this night that they share a night of passion – one that neither of them had ever felt before. However, at the time Ned is only looking for a mistress and Jane needs to conceal her identity for fear of her grandfather’s discovery of her being in Belgium acting as a surgeon. It turns out Ned is Lord Edward Kellington, the brother of the Duke of Lynwood, who is one of England’s most eligible bachelor’s. Jane flees and Ned tries to look for his mysterious “Iris Johnston”. This all happened in the Prologue.

Fast forward seven years, Jane and Ned are living two very different lives. Ned has been “promised” to marry a horrible women and Jane is living with almost nothing as she serves as the town surgeon for the farmers – getting paid in eggs or supplies rather than money. These two serendipitously cross paths and the feelings they felt for one another reignite. Add into the equation, a horrible “fiance”, a mean grandfather, a kidnapping threat to Jane, and a little secret that Jane’s been hiding and you have the makings of a really great book.

Here is what I love about historical romance – I have no idea how life or customs were back then other than what I’ve read in the past so I believe everything written. For example, the rules of arranged marriages – can they really be broken? Who knows? So to me nothing is ever a question of whether it is believable or not. In this genre, anything goes.

Jane is this fiesty, stubborn woman who refuses to fall to a man when she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She is naive somewhat – but she is smart and witty making for a great match for Ned. And Ned is the perfect embodiment of an arrogant aristocrat that has a heart and listens to no one. They were perfect for one another and the tension Ms. Driscoll created was so thick and steamy. Yes, there is sex. Hell I think the sex back then is way more provocative because of the rules of society.

And finally, I loved Ned’s brothers and sister. I know Ms. Driscoll has follow up books chronicling his three brothers and sister as well and I am anxious to read them. I recommend you pick up this book and give this genre a chance. I think you’ll be surprised by how enjoyable it is!

*I received this book from author in exchange for an honest review*

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