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My Review

Rating: 4.5 stars

First of all, how can you NOT want to read this book after seeing that trailer? This book caught my eye because it was different that other romance novels out there. Not only is there romance, but there there is suspense and it is a bit of a thriller. I loved the idea of that.

Evie Jamieson is on the verge of breaking it big in the music industry with her band (who happen to be her best friends), Jamieson. Yes she is a badass rocker chick. And just like all badass rockers, she has issues. I didn’t have to wait long to find them out either – she goes for safe dorks, like Hairy Parry and Beetle Bob, because they never have a chance of breaking her heart, especially after all of her past relationship with the hot, sexy bad boys have ended with them leaving her heartbroken and never looking back.

I am a cool cucumber. No, fuck that. I am Snoop Dogg. You can get no cooler than that.

Now Evie is a bit hard for me to wrap my head around. On one hand, I absolutely adored her. She was fun, sassy, dorky, and real. She understood herself and wasn’t afraid to admit (to herself, not others) when she was wrong. However, she was stubborn as hell and always seemed to get herself in these compromising positions. Maybe its because she’s an irresistible, hot rocker? Maybe she’s a bit naive? She was also a bit of a brat at times at well. There were times where I did get irritated with how stubborn she was being; however, that was quickly overridden when Jared did something equally as stubborn. Now this brings us to Jared Valentine.

Jared is Evie’s best friend’s brother. From the minute they meet (see below for excerpt), there is an instant connection and attraction. Jared is everything Evie has been trying to avoid in men and has the potential of breaking her heart completely because he has an effect on her that no other man ever did or does. This man is equally as badass. He, along with Evie’s brother (Coby), own a consulting firm that deals with guns, hostage negotiations and bad guys. And he may look perfect, but he is far from it. He has his own stubbornness and temper that got just as irritating as Evie’s did. These two seriously are perfect for one another.

Now on to the best part of the book – at least in my opinion. I loved how we got to see Evie and Jared’s relationship progress. From their initial meeting, to their long distance texting relationship where Evie could keep a safe distance from him, to their reunion when Evie and the band moved to Sydney, to Evie actually letting him in. Ms. McCarthy does sexual tension and steaminess well.

The minute he felt the touch of my tongue, he dropped his beer and lifted my legs up off the ground until I was straddling his body, legs wrapped tightly around his hips. He turned and slammed my back into the wall – hard, and I kissed him with every bit of feeling I’d been bottling up inside for weeks, fuck that, years.

Another great thing about this book – all the supporting characters. Henry. Oh Henry how perfect he is, not only because he looks like Paul Walker, but because he gives the best advice and is such a great, supportive best friend. Mac. Mac is just as fiesty and sassy as Evie is but she is way more bossier and I love her for it. Then there is Jake, Cooper, Frog. Add in Coby, Travis, Casey, Mitch. Hottie central. I know Ms. McCarthy is planning on writing Travis’ book next. One can only hope she writes about the rest of these characters as well!

The suspense/thriller part of this book was good too. A bit confusing at times because it felt rushed, although how do you write a high speed chase without it losing its excitement is beyond me – so kudos Ms. McCarthy. I liked that it was woven in throughout the book and it fit in with the story. Very interesting and it made the book even better.

The ending was perfect – no cliffhanger. This is a stand alone book – Evie and Jared’s store ends here and I’m so glad Ms. McCarthy decided to include the Epilogue. I love when the story is wrapped up and as the reader, you’re left feeling complete 🙂

The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was all of the descriptions. I could tell you exactly what Evie wore every day of the book, down to the shoes and color of her top. A lot of time was spent dealing with what she wore and sometimes it got to a point where I started skimming these parts. I understand the need for descriptions of the scene and surroundings. I just don’t like when they go on forever. I don’t think they were needed in this book.

I really do recommend this book to anyone who wants a great balance of suspense/thriller with an emphasis on romance. I keep thinking about this book and I keep watching the trailer – even though I already read it. Ms. McCarthy also made me an even bigger fan of Imagine Dragons as well. I found myself listening to their entire album while reading this book!

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Exclusive Excerpt

It all made up a tantalising package of man, but it was his eyes and his demeanour that spoke to me of something special. His posture exuded a strong, capable determinedness, serious and unwavering, but his eyes radiated laughter and passion, and when they locked on mine, my mouth went dry and my heart quickened to a beat of epic proportions.

Then those eyes did a full body scan of the wonderment that was me in hangover mode, and I watched the corners of his lips curl up in a lazy grin so hot it was a wonder I wasn’t already a pile of ash on the floor.

I sucked in a deep breath, letting it out in a whoosh when he opened his mouth to talk and his deep voice rumbled across my skin like rich honey.

“You must be Evie.”

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About Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy

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