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 the camp


My Review

Rating: 3.5 – 4 stars

It is rare that I read a YA book nowadays. So when I was given the opportunity to read THE CAMP, I jumped at the chance because I miss the innocence of YA books. Ha this book is nothing about innocence and I loved it! I would classify this book as a YA Suspense Thriller book. The entire book played out like a movie – I can actually see someone making a movie based on this book.

Emma has been tricked into going to ReBoot in a remote island in Alaska by her stepfather and her unloving mother. While still dealing with the death of her beloved father, Emma falls for their lies and ends up at a camp with juvenile delinquents to wait out the last days until she turns eighteen. Determine to stay only until her eighteenth birthday, Emma grudgingly tries to make the best of her circumstances. Until she meets Liam. A gorgeous guy she never imagined she’d meet in the woods of Alaska who she seems to have an instant connection with.

“I completely wanted to reprimand myself for doing the whole lust at first glance thing, but there was something really commanding about this guy. He seemed so…capable.”

This was the plot line for the first half of the book. I LOVED the idea of this story – what happens when you put a bunch of delinquent teens in a camp? The story drew me in and the characters kept me interested. I really liked Emma. She was a great female character in that she had vulnerabilities and scars but she never tried to use them as a crutch and she was extremely strong. There was never really a time when I did not like Emma. She was easy to relate to and extremely likeable.

I also really enjoyed the interactions between Liam and Emma. They had this cute banter going back and forth. They were instantly comfortable with one another and I found myself looking forward to scenes they had together. What bothered me about their relationship was that their connection came out of the blue. One minute they saw each other and started talking and the next he was holding her hand and hugging her and claiming her for himself. And this all happened in a matter of a day or two. There was no easing into their relationship no explanation. I wish there was because I liked them both, together and individually.

In the second half of the book, the suspense/thriller aspect of the book takes over. Holy creepy scary movie alert! Little by little, weird things start to happen. A random guy appears and seems to be showing interest in Emma. Someone gets attacked. Campers start disappearing. And for some reason Emma was connected to all this. Throughout this story line you were left wondering who could possibly behind these attacks.

I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t put the book down. This part was so well written. I hope this author writes more suspense novels because in my opinion, this was the best part of the book. The ending really took me by surprise and I remember once it was revealed what was behind all the attacks I thought to myself – that makes total sense, why didn’t I think of that?

As great as this book was there were two other things that I wished were discussed more. First, I wish the author explored Liam more. Liam has a past and it seems to have some dark spots. This was mentioned throughout the book and even at the very end, but I was left with no explanation – and so was Emma. The author never really dove into Liam as a character and I wish she would have. It was even mentioned at the very end of the book that Emma had no idea what had happened in Liam’s past. And in response, I was left with Liam saying he’ll tell her everything…LATER! There is no later for us readers!!!

The second thing that I wish was a bit different was that the names and personalities of all the different campers were explored a bit more. There were a lot of people at the camp and a lot of names. Since I really had no back story or no way to recognize who was who, when someone was taken I didn’t have any feeling of sadness since I had no attachment to them. Maybe that was the point, but because there were so many others all the names sort of blended together and I didn’t know who was a camper and who was a Camp Leader.

Overall, this book was great. It kept me entertained and it really did make me feel like I was watching a movie rather than reading a book. This is a STANDALONE BOOK. There is no cliffhanger or continuation of the story (that I know of). This is a great book to read if you want to escape for a little while – you will be totally caught up in the events of this book!

4 stars for the plot line and Emma, but only 3.5 stars for not finishing up Liam’s story.

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Guest Post: Karice Bolton’s THE CAMP Playlist

*I asked Karice if there was a song/song(s) that she listened to while writing?

I LOVE listening to music when I’m writing, reading, living (you get the point) so I had several songs that were in heavy rotation while I wrote The Camp! Here are the main ones.

*Additional song: Vampire Weekend – “I’m Going Down”*

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