unbreak me
Rating: 4 – 4.5 stars

This book was different. This book was interesting. This book was damn good. I love reading a book that takes you completely by surprise at each turn. UNBREAK ME is the kind of book that keeps you in the dark about the characters’ secrets for most of the book, but makes the reader think they have everything figured it out, only to prove that they are so wrong! It kept me on the edge of my seat guessing the entire time.

The start of the book was pretty much what hooked me immediately. Maggie returns to her small town after a year’s absence for her sister’s wedding. Her sister is marrying Maggie’s ex-fiance, the man she left only a year ago. And said ex-fiance still looks at Maggie the way he should be looking at his future wife. Yes, talk about awkward. Then while at the wedding, Maggie meets Asher, a tattooed, pierced, gorgeous man who doesn’t want to have sex with her. Yea at this point, I remember saying to myself…this book is going to be freaking awesome. It totally was!

Maggie is unlike pretty much any character I have ever read about thus far. She is a self proclaimed whore, slut, [insert derogatory name here]. The thing is she isn’t any of those things. She just has been branded that since she was fifteen and just sort of used that mask as a way of maintaining control. I won’t make excuses for her…some of her decisions and ways of handling certain situations were questionable, however, completely and utterly understandable given the circumstances. I really felt for Maggie – I felt her heartache, her pain, and fear.

And then there is Asher. Asher is hiding out in Maggie’s small town to escape his own problems. But there is something about Maggie that ignites something that he hasn’t felt in a long time. He wants more than to just sleep with her – he wants to take care of her, comfort her, hold her, fix her. He is unlike any man Maggie has ever met and it scares the living crap out of her. Asher is not the perfect guy – he is not about rainbows and butterflies. But, there is something about him that made me love him. Maybe it was his easy going personality, maybe it was that he never once judged Maggie, maybe it was that he just understood what Maggie needed. I am a HUGE Asher fan!

“I like you, Asher. But if we’re going to keep this up, whatever this is, you need to know my life is a little fucked up. I’m fucked up.”

His eyes search mine. “Then we’re a great match.”

In addition to getting Maggie and Asher’s POVs, we also got a bit of Will’s POV as well. Will is Maggie’s ex-fiance. He thought he moved on from Maggie and was ready to make a life with Maggie’s sister. But once Maggie came back into town, he began to question everything. Because we got Will’s POV too, I couldn’t help but sympathize with him as well and wonder if he is the right person Maggie should be with.

Damn this story was a tricky one. I liked Asher AND Will and didn’t know who I wanted Maggie to end up with until I got towards the end of the book. In my opinion, this isn’t a traditional love triangle. The story was complicated and was not a simple “which guy should I choose” storyline. The secrets Maggie harbors play a huge role in getting in her head and understanding her feelings for both these men, in addition to her entire family.

This is a stand alone book…I think. I say I think because I felt like we got an ending. There was no cliffhanger. However, I don’t feel like the story is completely over. Maybe there will be books about the other characters? Maybe we will get a sequel? I’m not sure. A sequel isn’t needed. I would be okay if this was a complete stand alone. I just wanted more. I felt what happened in the end was a bit rushed and I wanted more closure. I wanted more happy, especially after most of the book there was sadness. For this reason I give this book 4 stars, but everything before the ending is a solid 4.5 stars!

“If you shatter, I’ll find you.”

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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